09 Aug 2023

Thu Thiem Zeit River project is located on Nguyen Co Thach Street, Thu Duc City (formerly known as District 2), belongs to Subdivision 3 and next to Subdivision 1 – Thu Thiem Zeit financial subdivision. The project is owned and developed by Vietnam GS Enterprise (VGSE) – a member of GS Group, as an investor. With a prime location, high-class and diverse facilities and a contemporary design style, Thu Thiem Zeit River is an ideal destination for those who aim for a modern living standard with a trendy green lifestyle. If you are looking for such an apartment, please refer to Thu Thiem Zeit River 1-bedroom in the following article!

Unit plan of the 1-bedroom apartment of Thu Thiem Zeit River

Thu Thiem Zeit River 1-bedroom apartment has a total of 31 units with an average area of about 60.62 square meters. The apartment layout is arranged harmoniously to bring the owner a comfortable and cozy living space. The unit plan of the one-bedroom apartment includes

  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 restroom
  • 1 dining room and kitchen
  • 1 living room
  • 1 loggia


Mặt bằng căn hộ Thu Thiem Zeit River 1 pn
Unit plan of Thu Thiem Zeit River 1-bedroom (Source: Thu Thiem Zeit River)


Thu Thiem Zeit River 1-bedroom apartment has a minimalist style and maximum comfort. Although the minimalist design looks simple, it helps homeowners easily be creative and care their house with their own aesthetic. That is the brand spirit of “creating an inspiring living space and respecting each customer’s personal colour and creativity”.

Real estate developer VGSE has researched and distilled this minimalist and trendy architectural trend to create Thu Thiem Zeit River’s one-bedroom apartment into a dream home for everyone.

In each apartment, the large windows have unlimited views in all three directions. This way can help connecting with the green living space in the area. Thereby homeowners can immerse themselves in the natural scenery and experience as resort right in their own apartment.


Unique design of Thu Thiem Zeit River (Source: Thu Thiem Zeit River)

VGSE is an investor of Thu Thiem Zeit River Project

As a luxury apartment project, Thu Thiem Zeit River project is invested in and developed by the investor VGSE – a member of the GS E&C group. GS E&C is a multidisciplinary organization in many fields, including energy, infrastructure, investment, real estate development and landscape architecture. Up to now, GS E&C Group has operated in 28 countries and has 31 subsidiaries worldwide.

VGSE is established in 2004 with two head offices in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City, operating in:

  • Energy
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Landscape design and architecture
  • Real estate development and provide solutions for sustainable urbanization, environmental protection, and urban development in parallel with economic and social development.

At present, VGSE has achieved many typical achievements such as:

  • Infrastructure projects: Hanoi – Hai Phong Expressway, Tan Son Nhat – Binh Loi – Pham Van Dong Outer Beltway, HCMC Metro Line No. 1, Vam Cong Bridge (Can Tho), Vinh Thinh Bridge (Hai Phong), Quy Cao Bridge (Hong Gai).
  • Factory projects: LG Electronics Factory (Hai Phong), Nghi Son Oil Refinery (Hai Phong), Thien Tan Water Supply Factory (Dong Nai), Ham Thuan – Da Mi power transmission system (Binh Thuan).


Dự án căn hộ Thu Thiem Zeit River
Thu Thiem Zeit River Project (Source: Thu Thiem Zeit River)

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Thu Thiem Zeit River and high-end internal facilities

Thu Thiem Zeit River project in general – the 1-bedroom apartment in particular, it is not only a prime location but also has high-class internal facilities. In addition, it is impossible not to mention the smart-technology for facilities, including:

  • Zeit Elevator: Integrating the smart application “Smart-pass” allows users to call the elevator without a card. The system will automatically connect to the building management system through the sensor, open the door automatically and move to the floor installed on the application previously.
  • Motion sensor system: The system is setup in the living room and main door of each apartment. It helps to detect motion and send notifications and images via app or SMS when the owner is absent.
  • Smart light system: The lighting control system allows people to turn the lights on/off through the application.
  • Parking guidance system: The system uses location-sensing technology to automatically verify the number plate and open the gate. At the same time, the system checks the exact number of available parking lots in each area and basement. The system includes an ultrasonic sensor device, LED display and LED guide board. Besides that, drivers can check out all guiding information directly on the resident app.
  • In internal facilities and corridor areas, emergency relief buttons are setup to help residents easily connect to the management center in urgent situations.
  • Electric charging stations are set up in B1 & B2 basements. With 80% battery capacity, it will take 1 hour 20 minutes with the fast charging station and 10 hours with the standard charging station.


tiện ích của thu thiem zeit river
Electric charging stations are set up in B1 & B2 basements of Thu Thiem Zeit River (Source: Internet)


In addition, the project also has outstanding Thu Thiem Zeit River smart-home, such as:

  • The multi-split air  and ventilation system helps to cool all rooms with a single outdoor unit. This facility can save space, electricity and provides fresh air for the apartment.
  • The pressurization system will create higher air pressure inside the stairwell and the fire elevator. This system prevents the ingress of smoke into a building’s stairwell. During fire incidents, the system can make residents feel conveniently and safe when moving to escape.
tiện ích của thu thiem zeit river
Multi-split air and ventilation system of Thu Thiem Zeit River (Source: Internet)


Besides the mentioned outstanding internal facilities, residents of Thu Thiem Zeit River also enjoy external facilities: administrative – economic – cultural centre, international school, international hospital, commercial centre, and entertainment services, etc.

  • Thu Thiem central square, Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, Thu Thiem pedestrian bridge, Bach Dang statue, etc.
  • International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC), British Vietnamese International School, ACG International School Vietnam, Australian International School (AIS), Wellspring International Bilingual School, etc.
  • Thu Thiem Police station – Thu Duc (District 2), People’s Committee of Thu Duc city (District 2), Thao Dien International Hospital, Vinmec Hospital, Hoan My International Clinic, etc.
  • Mega Market An Phu, Emart Thu Thiem, Vincom, Big C, etc.
  • Real estate projects: Sala City of Dai Quang Minh investor, Thu Thiem Lakeview, The River – Thu Thiem of CII investor, Lotte Eco Smart City Thu Thiem of Lotte Group, etc.

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Selling price of Thu Thiem Zeit River 1-bedroom apartment

This is a great opportunity – lucky asset for future when owning the 1-bedroom apartment in this project as soon as possible. Thu Thiem Zeit River is located in the Thu Thiem Zeit project, in which the following two subdivisions will not have 1-bedroom products. This is a reason that investors should consider owning the 1-bedroom apartment of Thu Thiem Zeit River. For detailed information about the price Thu Thiem Zeit River 1-bedroom unit, please contact the following:



Hotline: 0909 692 296

Project’s address: Nguyen Co Thach Street, Thu Thiem Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

Sales office: No.88, Street B2, An Loi Dong WardP, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

Thu Thiem Zeit River 1-bedroom will be absolutely ideal for customers who are looking for a small apartment, a prime location, the ideal living space and the future sustainable value. Do not forget to contact VGSE immediately to find out more information about the construction progress of  Thu Thiem Zeit River.


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