30 Mar 2023

Thu Thiem Zeit River (Thu Thiem Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City) is a residential project developed and invested by Vietnam GS Enterprise (VGSE) – a member of GS E&C. The apartments are developed according to three standards: smart apartments, smart management, and smart security through a series of smarthome technology, providing a comfortable living experience for homeowners.

The future of comfortable living experience

To save time for residents when driving in and out of the parking basements, the developer has equipped number plate recognition parking system at every parking lot entrance. This system can easily recognize residents’ registered license plates and automatically open barriers to grant access. At the same time, the system also supports residents locating vacant parking slots, and accurately checks for correspondent parked vehicles via resident-only smartphone app, and on-site kiosk.
On-site number plate recognition parking lot and electric vehicle charging station. Photo: VGSE

At B1 and B2 parking basements of the project, charging stations are capable of fast charging and/or standard charging reaching 80% of car battery in 1 hour 20 minutes and 10 hours respectively.

To minimize emission from vehicles, dust particles in the air as well as to prevent fire incidents, VGSE has equipped Thu Thiem Zeit River with ventilation system that offer air purify, smoke detection, and ensure air flow in closed areas like basements and indoor corridors.

Zeit Elevator is a smart elevator system integrated with IoT technology and Smart Pass application to help residents use elevators safer and more convenient. This supports homeowners to fetch the elevator without having to scan resident cards, automatically open the door, automatically move to the correct floor registered in resident exclusive smartphone application.
Smart elevators with IoT technology offer residents a touchless experience for more convenient living. Photo: VGSE

According to VGSE representative, security resolutions are one of the factors that many customers are interested in when choosing smart home residences. Therefore, VGSE has deployed CCTV systems with a resolution of up to 200 million pixels in basements, corridors, and public areas.

Safety and security systems are installed both inside apartments and outside public areas, ensuring residents complete security and peace of mind.” said VGSE representative.
Security cameras monitoring the corridors. Photo: VGSE

The living room of each apartment unit is equipped with motion sensor system, which detects any strange situations, and sends notifications, images via apps or messages, so owners can easily monitor the home space remotely.

Thanks to the application of modern lighting systems, apartment owners can flexibly turn on and off the lights with just a touch on the application without having to move.

According to the representative of the investor, the highlight in the project is the emergency relief button arranged in the internal utility areas, corridors to help homeowners easily connect to the management center when assistance is needed.

Catch the momentum of new trends

The VGSE representative said that with the recent significant development of technology, the concept of “Industry 4.0 Citizen” has also gradually become more and more popular, thus promoting many new lifestyles. Accordingly, an active and convenient lifestyle integrated with advanced technology is becoming a trend loved by the Modern Age citizens.

Smart homes possess many advantages, and also gradually become the preferred choice of this group of residents” said Thu Thiem Zeit representative.
Smart home control center can be installed on smartphones. Photo: Freepik

According to Statista’s latest report, smart home market revenue in Vietnam will reach about 232 million USD in 2022. This number is expected to reach 460 million USD by 2027. In addition, about 10.5% of households would equip with smart home technology, making Vietnam the 28th largest market globally.

With the positive signs of the market, we will continue to focus on technological advancement, developing innovative smart utilities in design and construction, bringing diversity into product segments and prices.“, VGSE representative shared.