30 Mar 2023

In order to prepare for the coming sale phase, the developer has been accelerating the progress and quality of construction of Thu Thiem Zeit River high-end apartment project.

Representative of the project developer VGSE – a subsidiary of GS E&C (Korea) – said that Thu Thiem Zeit River (Thu Duc City) had completed the groundwork of the structure including pile foundation of T1 and T2 tower. These two apartment blocks have currently been constructed up to the 20th floor, finishing work such as bricklaying and plastering has also been carried out.

Simultaneously, the electrical and plumbing systems of T1 and T2 tower was installed up to the 13th and 15th floors respectively. Civil work of the common amenity area on ground floor was completed as well, which includes swimming pools, jacuzzi, children’s playgrounds, reading areas…

Tiến độ thi công Thu Thiem Zeit River, tháng 3/2023. Ảnh: VGSE

Construction progress of Thu Thiem Zeit River, March 2023. Photo: VGSE


In addition to accelerating construction progress of apartment buildings, the low-rise podium including townhouses and shophouses is also built up to the 4th floor. The project is expected to be handed over to homeowners on schedule, and will be ready for operation in the near future“, VGSE’s representative shared.

Thu Thiem Zeit River is being developed in a 3.3 hectares area, including two towers T1 (25 floors), T2 (32 floors), and low-rise podium, developed by VGSE – a subsidiary of international corporation GS E&C based in South Korea. The real estate project locates at a prime location on Nguyen Co Thach Street, An Khanh Ward – a vital street connecting Thu Thiem urban area with neighboring districts.

Phối cảnh tổng thể khu phức hợp căn hộ cao cấp Thu Thiem Zeit River. Ảnh: VGSE

Thu Thiem Zeit River luxury residence project is situated right in the heart of Thu Thiem – the future financial center of Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: VGSE


The architecture of this high-end realty project is meticulously designed to inherit the spirit of “Zeit” – the most popular apartment brand in Korea, possessing 4 values including zeith, experience, innovation, and timeless to create a modern and comfortable living space for residents.

In addition to the advantages of location and design, Thu Thiem Zeit River also poses a transparent and complete legality status, which is guaranteed by VGSE’s financial resources and reputation to build credibility among homebuyers and investors.

Phối cảnh tiện ich hồ bơi tại Thu Thiem Zeit River. Ảnh: VGSE

Swimming pool at Thu Thiem Zeit River. Photo: VGSE


In the context of market fluctuation, projects with advantages of complete legality, on scheduled construction progress, meeting customers’ needs will be sought after” said the representative of the developer.