20 Feb 2023

Thu Thiem Zeit River is designed in a distinguish contemporary style, a charming blend of meritorious reality and the resurgence of nature.

With a key role in a year-round cosmetics business, Mr. Bui T. Bao (35 years old, living in Ho Chi Minh City) always wants a residence to not only inhabit, but more importantly a peaceful home where his mind can rest easy and he is comfortable to show his creativity.

Therefore, Mr. Bao pays special attention to the layout of the living spcae, so that he could freely depict personal imprints through interior decoration. He prefers to choose a sustainable lifestyle, close to nature but still tinged with modern, minimalist but luxurious colors, most importantly, full of experiences.

Apartments with modern design are loved by young people.

Nhóm khách hàng trẻ có thu nhập cao và giàu trải nghiệm cũng có cùng chung lý tưởng với anh Bảo. Dù cách định hình Other customers with financial stability and rich life experiences also share the same ideas as Mr. Bao. Although the way each individual’s “home” is shaped to their own taste, it still encapsulates the core meaning – more than a “place to stay” but also a “place where life prospers”. In addition to being modern and close to nature, the ideal apartment also possess its own quality to bring the best standard of living to connect loving family members.

Understanding those expectations, many real estate developers have developed projects with a human-centered lens, focusing on premium living experiences. Noteworthy among these projects is Thu Thiem Zeit River that is invested and developed by Vietnam GS Enterprise (VGSE) – a subsidiary of South Korea’s GS E&C. To really give residents a coherent and comprehensive experience, Thu Thiem Zeit River diligently incorporates peaceful nature into contemporary architecture to create a private sanctuary in the middle of the hustling city of Saigon.

Sky swimming pool offers sweeping views of the city.

Located in the center of Thu Thiem Peninsula, Thu Thiem Zeit River offers a variety of products such as townhouses, shophouses, luxury apartments, duplexes, penthouses in 2 residential towers of 25 floors and 32 floors, and low-rise podium. This luxury apartment project stands out for its low construction density, prioritizing optimal area for greenery.

The project’s design takes after the concept of Eden garden of the future, it is a skillfully blend of innovative and sustainable materials and natural elements such as plants, masons, marbles,.. The overall architecture of Thu Thiem Zeit River resembles multi-layered vegetation with greenery presented on almost every floor, notably the community area filled with flora in the center of the project, Sky Garden on the 19th floor and resort-like pools. These are relaxing spaces that help residents revitalize both body and mind for a dynamic new day.

Greenness is visible everywhere throughout Thu Thiem Zeit River.

This peaceful oasis in the heart of Thu Thiem new urban area also making every day’s journey smooth and seamless by integrating the cutting-edge Smart Home technology into its management systems, such as License Plate Recognition Parking, Vehicles Charging Stations in Parking basements, exclusive Smart Pass mobile application for easy access to residential lobby and touchless elevators… All is to actualize the privilege of experiencing a luxurious and sophisticated standard of Zeit Living.

Each unit at Thu Thiem Zeit River would be a secluded peaceful home for the elite, where every happy moment is memorized, and every emotions of family members is cherished. Grandparents could take a stroll together in the enclosed gardens, watching over their grandchildren grow up day by day. Children would have hours of playtime in the children’s playground, swimming pools…

Safe educational and development areas to nurture young generations at Thu Thiem Zeit River.

In the perceptions of successful people, home is like a self-rewarded gift and affection for their family after months and years of building businesses. Owning a comprehensive amenity systems to satisfy all living experience and needs, Thu Thiem Zeit River is the perfect home to enjoy every precious moments in life“, the representative of VGSE shared.