06 Feb 2023

Each individual will have a different definition of the place called “home”. An “accommodation” is a tangible place that serves the purpose of human habitation, but a “home” carries a different layer of meaning, “home” is anywhere, anyone, anything that brings us a sense of complete safety, warms our soul; it is where happiness begins.

The concept of an “ideal home” of modern residents

For me, home is a peaceful place to come back to amid the chaos of life, after the headaches of business negotiations. It is the cozy “nook” where I can be with people whom I hold dear“, “Constant mobility plays a big part in my daily life. I have to travel and move around a lot so I have never really “settled down”. If I were to choose a place to call “home”, it would be a private and very personal place that bears my own colors” , “I look for a home that fills me with energy as I step over the door, ready to take on the flow of life, and welcome me back with comfort and serenity.” … are some of the young entrepreneurs’ sharing of the “home” they desire. They are confident, active, have their own career, and they understand that it takes a lot to truly call a place “home”.

In “home” exists in tandem both tangible and intangible values.

In “home” exists in tandem both tangible and intangible values. A home has a great influence on how a person is formed, so parents in particular, or almost anyone in general, cannot afford to be indifferent when choosing a place to call home, to nestle their loving family. It must be a place that brings the owner utmost comfort and warmth to enjoy the beautiful essence of life with loved ones, a modern and smart living space that is still close to nature and has its “own uniqueness”.

Thu Thiem Zeit River: The perfect “home” in the heart of Thu Thiem

Meeting all the strict requirements of the elite, Thu Thiem Zeit River is the ideal and balanced living space.

Life, in a true sense of word, is the perfect balance where understanding, communication, and service flourish. With the principle of creating a living space that is human-centered, Thu Thiem Zeit River opens up a living space in which exists a balance between work and life thanks to the harmony of the green natural landscape and the hustle and bustle of the sleepless metropolis.

Developed by VGSE – a subsidiary of South Korea’s GS E&C, whose vision is to pioneer in creating high-end living spaces for the Vietnamese, Thu Thiem Zeit River is a remarkable luxury apartment project in the center of Thu Thiem. The project features a variety of property types such as townhouses, shophouses, 1 – 4 bedrooms apartments, duplexes, and penthouses that belong to 2 residential towers of 25 floors and 32 floors, and low-rise podium. With a low construction density to optimize green areas, VGSE is dedicated to the vision of creating an elevated living standard for the modern residents who always aim for sustainable development and co-exist with nature.

Contemporary design in harmony with nature.

Thu Thiem Zeit River is the lively “green oasis” in the heart of hustling urban, actualized with curvilinear architecture combining with eco-friendly materials to create a masterpiece for savvy residents. Every inch if Thu Thiem Zeit is covered with lush green vegetation, all amenity is integrated with the nature, notably the gardens, resort-like pools, sky garden on the 19th floor…

Alongside green living space, Thu Thiem Zeit River features sophisticated interior design combined with the Smart Home management systems of the Digital Era, which distinguishes it from other projects in the high-end segment such as on-site License Plate Recognition Parking with ratio up to 1.5 car/apartment (470 slots/300 apartments), Smoke Control Systems in basements and corridors, Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems, Motion Sensor Alarm in every unit, Smart Lighting Systems, Smart Pass mobile application for easy access to residential lobby and touchless elevators… All together to create the privilege of “comfort like home, relaxation like resort”.

Tranquility intertwined with the luxurious living standard is the unique living experience that Thu Thiem Zeit River offers.

At Thu Thiem Zeit River, each apartment is an embodiment of the ideal peaceful home, that nestles every precious moments of your family, where all emotions are cherished. It is a self-rewarded gift for the elite community.

Moments of gathering with family members are the worthwhile moments that a home safeguards.

No matter how rushing life gets, when returning home to Thu Thiem Zeit River, residents of would get a moment to unwind, and live at their own pace. Thu Thiem Zeit River is the quintessential home, is where every passing second is a memorable moment for those who appreciate the real values of life.