22 Aug 2023

When technology is developing faster, Smart home also appears more and more. With a unique design, high-class internal facilities, and the most modern furniture, “smart home” technology is also one of the highlight key points of Thu Thiem Zeit River apartment project. For find out more detailed information about the smart home of Thu Thiem Zeit River and equipped technologies, please refer to the following article!

Smart home Thu Thiem Zeit River – spotting the newest trend in luxury living

Industry 4.0 has breakthrough innovations and rapid growth. It has led to an increasing trend of smart home ownership in many countries around the world in general and Vietnam in particular.

According to the latest report of Statista, in 2022, the “smart home” revenue of Vietnam’s market reached about 232 million USD. By 2027, this figure is expected to reach 460 million USD.

As mentioned in this report, 10.5% of Vietnamese households will be equipped with smart-featured devices in their homes. If this happens, Vietnam will be in the 28th place in the ranking of the worldwide smart-home market.

Grasping the trend of the smart home market, the investor of Thu Thiem Zeit River has focused on investing in new technologies. This is not only building smart apartments but also satisfying the living needs of upper-class residents.

Smart Home technology is applied at Thu Thiem Zeit River

In the ecosystem of Thu Thiem Zeit River project, the most advanced technologies for a smart apartment have been created. It helps homeowners to decrease electricity bills, save time and reduce stress in everyday life.

Smart motion sensor system

A motion sensor system is equipped in the living room area and the main door of each Thu Thiem Zeit River apartment. When no one is at home, this system can detect unusual movements and send notifications/images via the application or SMS. Besides that, an electronic device with a special type of sensor technology can detect physical movements on the device.

Based on abnormal motion detection, this sensor system can help homeowners and their families feel safe and protect belongings from theft, unauthorized property access, etc. The motion sensor can also identify and distinguish between people or pets in the house, avoiding false alarms.

Hệ thống cảm biến chuyển động thông minh

The motion sensor system can be controlled by using a smartphone


Smart lighting system

The smart-lighting system is arranged around all living areas of Thu Thiem Zeit River apartments. The system allows homeowners to control the lights on/off by smartphone or voice assistant.

The smart-lighting system also helps to control the light according to the desired needs. This lighting controller creates modern conveniences for homeowners and helps save monthly electricity costs.

Hệ thống chiếu sáng smrat home thủ thiêm zeit river

The smart-lighting system can be controlled by phone or voice assistant


Zeit Elevator – smart elevator system

The exclusive Zeit Elevator – smart elevator system using IoT technology is connected online to the 24/7 control center, integrated with face recognition and the smart-pass application. It is safer and more convenient for residents when using the elevator. Homeowners can use the elevator without a resident card, automatically open the door, and automatically move to the floor locations installed on the app.


Hệ thống thang máy smart home thủ thiêm zeit river

Zeit Elevator – smart elevator system


Heat recovery ventilation system and basement ventilation system 

Basements are used as a parking lot and a garbage collection point. Therefore, the air will contain a lot of smoke and pollution that cause discomfort to residents. Understanding the situation, in Thu Thiem Zeit River luxury apartment, the basements are equipped with modern basement ventilation and heat recovery ventilation systems. With outstanding features, the system helps to ventilate the basement and reduce harmful effects of smoke, toxic substances and pollution (CO, NO, NO2, etc.) in the air. At the same time, the system also provides clear fresh air for an airy space.


Firefighting and smoke extraction system in case of trouble

With Thu Thiem Zeit River Project, the safety and peace of mind of residents are the top concern of the investor. The project is equipped with a fire protection system with automatic sprinklers, hose reels and sprayers to ensure the lives and properties of residents in the event of an incident.

In particular, the investor is equipped with a smoke extraction system. This system automatically collects and releases smoke in basements and corridors to help residents easily escape from the exit area and move out in case of fire.

Hệ thống thông gió thu hồi nhiệt tầng hầm thủ thiêm zeit

Heat recovery ventilation system in basements


Parking guidance system and electric vehicle charging station 

The smart-parking guidance system is also a prominent utility of the project. With the location-sensing technology, the system can easily recognize residents’ number plates and automatically open the gate. Meanwhile, the system will support a quick search for available parking lots through the resident mobile application.

In addition, the basement of Thu Thiem Zeit River is equipped with electric charging stations, which can support fast charging (1h20 minutes) or standard charging (10 hours) at 80% capacity.

Hệ thống hướng dẫn đỗ xe và trang bị trạm sạc xe điện

Smart parking guidance system and electric vehicle charging station


Emergency relief system

The emergency relief system is arranged in all internal facility areas and corridors. So that residents can easily connect to the 24/7 management center when they need any help.

Hệ thống cứu trợ khẩn cấp smart home thủ thiêm
The emergency relief system is densely equipped


CCTV system for safety and security monitoring

Security solutions are always one of the top concerns when choosing smart home products. Therefore, Thu Thiem Zeit River has deployed a safe and secure CCTV system monitored system by 200 million megapixels resolution cameras in basements, corridors and common areas. This system can create a feeling of comfort and peace of mind for the residents.

Hệ thống CCTV giám sát an toàn và an ninh

CCTV system to monitor safety and security to ensure the safety of residents

Following the continuous development of today’s society, Thu Thiem Zeit River luxury apartments will continue to focus on investing in modern technological equipment and first-class utilities to bring residents the most comfortable and wonderful life experience.


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