14 Aug 2023
In beautiful Saigon city, the East region has been developing in the master plan and architecture. Many new urban areas are taking shape with the meticulousness of each design and the affirmations of classy living space. In the midst of this busy urban life, Thu Thiem Zeit River appears as a “beautiful flower” for elite residents with many unique values and imprints of unforgettable contemporary quintessence. 

Known as a member of GS E&C – the leading real estate group in Korea, VGSE develops a luxury apartment project – Thu Thiem Zeit River. As an embodiment of the “Zeit” brand, Thu Thiem Zeit River project combinates aesthetic elements, living experiences and luxurious living standards. In particular, the living area of each apartment is made with a delicate design and clever layout. It has contributed to forming a unique contemporary quintessence and bringing different beauty to Thu Thiem Zeit River.

Refining the modern nature from Asian style design

The representative of the VGSE investor has shaped Thu Thiem Zeit River project as a “green garden in the middle of the city”. The place can balance between a “high-class living style” and a living space in harmony with nature. It is not a thing that many projects can be done in big cities.

Based on that philosophy, Thu Thiem Zeit River is built with an Asian architectural style, simulating harmonious curves like flower petals. In each apartment, high and large windows are the priority use to maximize the view of the internal garden and the city landscape. The location of the project, the height of the buildings and the windows’ width are carefully calculated. So that, in each apartment, all residents can feel the fresh wind and airy atmosphere throughout all living spaces.

Thu Thiem Zeit River project has 2 blocks, including block T1 with 25 stories and block T2 with 32 stories. The height of each tower and the separation area between each floor are also measured carefully. Therefore, no matter which floor is, each apartment can be flooded with sunlight. The interior design of each floor is flexible in terms of functions for all units from 1 bedroom to 4 n.

In particular, on the top floors, duplex and penthouse units are designed with the contemporary style by Australia’s leading design consultant – PTW Architects.

Refining the modern nature creates by the “green oasis” in the urban area

The Saigon real estate community praises Thu Thiem Zeit River as a “green oasis” in the bustling city. This place converges all the elements for a perfect home, providing the aesthetics and luxury of the living space and healing the soul for future owners.

After a long tiring day, Thu Thiem Zeit River welcomes all residents to be back home with green roads and a variety of floristic compositions. As well as it creates a subtle sense of resort-style living at home. The entire project and community areas are optimised for gardens, helping to regulate the air and provide fresh air inside the building.

The design of each apartment also focuses on developing the open space and bringing more green areas into the living areas. At the end of the day, homeowners can enjoy the romantic scenery of Saigon’s night and the fresh air while standing on the large balcony with many green trees. In general, Thu Thiem Zeit River doesn’t only have a splendid appearance like other luxury projects, but also it has a breath of vitality and freshness from nature.

thiết kế tiện ích của thu thiem zeit river
Thu Thiem Zeit River is like a “green oasis” in the city center

For successful people, the ideal destination isn’t only a luxurious living space, modern furniture and facilities; but also includes relaxing experiences in harmony with nature. The investor carefully cares about all these quintessential values on every design line to create Thu Thiem Zeit River – Refine modern nature.

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