16 Aug 2023

A smart home is becoming more popular and widely used because of its features and utilities that help optimize life. So what is a smart home? Why do “citizens of 4.0” like it?

What is a smart home?

A smart home is a convenient home setup where devices and appliances can be automatically controlled remotely from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or website interface.

Devices in the smart home are interconnected through the internet, allowing the user to control functions such as security and safety alarm systems, temperature, lighting, etc. Smart home devices are automated to replace human activities, making life more comfortable and reducing workload.


smart home là gì
Smart home is a house equipped with automatic or semi-automatic control electronic devices (Source: Thu Thiem Zeit River)


How does a smart home work?

Smart homes will be equipped with electrical and electronic equipment and can be automatically or semi-automatically controlled. This electronic system communicates with the user through an electronic board located in the home, an application on a mobile phone, a tablet computer, or a web interface.

Advantages of the smart home 

Modern technologies are applied for the smart home system, such as infrared, IoT, cloud technology, etc. You only need to control it remotely without having to perform manual operations. Besides that, there are some benefits of a smart home, as follows:

  • Comfort and class: Smart homes are set up with modern technology equipment that can replace human activities. When entering the house, the light in the living room automatically turns on, the curtain automatically opens, the air conditioner automatically adjusts to the appropriate temperature, etc. It is a different class of smart homes compared to traditional houses.
  • Energy saving: With the timer feature, you can turn on / off anywhere with smartphones or any mobile device. In addition, other devices as the air conditioner and the light can automatically adjust according to actual conditions, thereby saving significant energy.
  • Security capability: Users can touch to activate the “away assist” mode on smartphones when no one is at home. All electrical devices will turn off, and the “24/7 security” mode will activate. If there is an outside intrusion, the motion sensor detectors will track motion, and send an alert/ notification to your phone when individuals should not be home.


nhà thông minh smart home
For the smart home, you only need to control remotely instead of performing manual operations (Source: Internet)


Popular technology devices and systems of the smart home

Smart lighting technology

The smart-lighting technology allows users to turn on/off, timer, set the schedule, or control brightness for the in-house electric light system via smartphone using a mobile app or voice-activated personal assistant. In particular, the system does not require using smart light bulbs, which saves installation and maintenance costs.

Security system and safety warning

The smart-home security system integrates with motion sensors, door sensors and cameras that synchronize with each other. Users can easily monitor home security via iPad, laptop, smartphone, etc.

In addition, the security system can protect the inside and outside of the house. The system will record all images inside and outside a house (sensor open doors, broken glass, etc.) and then send an alert/notification to the owner. 

Multi-zone audio system with multiple speaker devices

Multi-zone audio system with multiple speaker devices has the capability to play many different songs in different locations in the house. You can use the smartphone or the voice-control to play your favourite songs. In particular, a combination of multi-zone audio and lighting system creates an ideal “harmony of light and sound” space for parties.

Intelligent control system for multi-use devices

Control systems for curtains, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, doors and other household appliances are integrated into the smart home. With this system of smart devices, users just need to sit in but are still able to control all home appliances in the house.

Voice-control technology

The smart home has a special feature of voice control. With technology devices with virtual assistants, users can control all household appliances by voice. Recently, there are some popular virtual assistant applications such as Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.


căn hộ thông minh smart home
Technological devices in the smart home (Source: Internet)


What do include in the smart home of Thu Thiem Zeit River?

In Vietnam, the smart-home market is continuously growing and is expected to explode in the future. As expected, 10.5% of Vietnam households will be equipped with the smart-home system in 2025. Following a market trend and the demand of Vietnamese citizens with a modern mindset, GS Enterprise (VGSE, known as a member of the famous Korean GS E&C Group) has applied 7 advanced technologies in apartment products.

In each Thu Thiem Zeit River apartment, the living room is set up with a smart-motion sensor system. This system quickly detects strange movements and sends notifications via app or message. So homeowners can easily monitor the house remotely. In addition, the smart home of Thu Thiem Zeit River is also equipped with a smart-light system. Just sit still and use the application, homeowners can quickly turn on/off the light.

Not only about the smart home, but Thu Thiem Zeit River is also a pioneer in innovation, raising the standard of smart living with two standards, as smart-operation and smart security.

In public areas, corridors and basements, Thu Thiem Zeit River has deployed a security camera system with a resolution of up to 200 million pixels to monitor safety and security for the project.

That was not all, the smart parking guidance system is installed with location sensor technology to help easily recognize the license plates of residents and automatically open the barrier. At the same time, through the resident’s application, the system also supports quickly searching for available parking slots.

In addition, Thu Thiem Zeit River uses the exclusive smart Zeit Elevator system and integrates with IoT technology and the Smart Pass application. Future owners of Thu Thiem Zeit River do not need to use a card to control the elevator system. They can open/close the elevator door and move up/down the floors, which are installed on the application.

Another outstanding utility is in the internal areas, the project’s corridors are set up with an emergency button system. Thereby residents easily connect to the management centre when they need help in special/urgent situations.

With the application of modern technology for the overall project, Thu Thiem Zeit River is worth as an image of the “symbol of living space” that fully converges typical elements: location, architecture, class and smart-utility system.


căn hộ smart home thu thiem zeit river
Thu Thiem Zeit River apartment is luxurious, classy and comfortable (Source: Thu Thiem Zeit River)


The above is the answer about what is a smart home. With the smart-home solution, you can control your “home” even when not at home. If you are looking for a luxurious and high-class apartment with all criteria for an ideal living place, Thu Thiem Zeit River is a priceless choice.

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