03 Apr 2023

The advancement in smart home appliances and systems in Vietnam is considered a significant step forward in improving living standards of the Vietnamese. Grasping the surging trend, Thu Thiem Zeit River has applied 7 advanced technologies in its premises to bring smart living experience to the residents here.

Smart Living – The new lifestyle of modern residents

With the popularization of smartphones and the rapid development of technology, the concept of “Digital Citizen” has also gradually become more popular. Being knowledgeable and resourceful, these Digital Citizens become the core factor in leading many new lifestyles. Accordingly, an active and convenient lifestyle integrated with advanced technology is a surging trend loved by modern residents.

Smart Living with the latest technology is favored by “Digital Citizens”..
Along with the rise of Smart Living lifestyle, smart homes which possess many outstanding advantages also become the preferred choice of this group of residents.

According to Statista’s latest report, smart homes market revenue in Vietnam reached about 240 million USD in 2022. With a growth rate of 25% per year in the period of 2021 – 2025, it is expected that by 2025, the total revenue of Vietnam’s smart homes market would reach 449.1 million USD. In addition, about 10.5% of households will be equipped with smart home technologies, making Vietnam the 28th largest market on the global scale.

With a large scale of development and potential to continue to soar in the near future, the smart home market in Vietnam is becoming exciting with the participation of a series of renowned developers. They focus on advancing new technologies, promoting smart applications in design and construction, all together lead to the diversity in product segments and prices.

Experience Smart Living standards at Thu Thiem Zeit River

Not out of the game, Thu Thiem Zeit River, developed by Vietnam GS Enterprise (VGSE) – a subsidiary of Korean GS E&C, pioneers in innovating smart living standards with smart apartments, smart operation and smart security through 7 smart home technologies, to bring a complete comfortable experience to residents.

Accordingly, security solutions are always one of the top considerations when choosing residences. Understanding this, Thu Thiem Zeit River has deployed CCTV surveillance camera systems with resolution of up to 200 million pixels in basements, corridors, and community areas.

Security system is installed comprehensively both inside and outside apartments, bringing comfort and complete peace of mind for homeowners.
Not only that, but there is also a smart motion sensor system in the living room of every apartment, helping to detect unusual movements, and send notifications, images via residents-only applications or text messages, so that homeowners can easily monitor their property remotely from anywhere.

In addition, the intelligent parking guidance system is also an important highlight of Thu Thiem Zeit. With number plate recognition, the system easily recognizes residents’ registered license plates and automatically opens barriers to let vehicles in. At the same time, the system also supports locating available parking slots, as well as accurately check where residents park their vehicles via on-site kiosks and smartphone application for residents.

The process of checking parking slots via smartphone app takes place in a sequential and rhythmic manner, making parking hassle-free and time efficient.
The exclusive smart Zeit Elevator installed in Thu Thiem Zeit River is also integrated with IoT technology and Smart Pass application to help residents access the elevator safer and more convenient. Through cutting edge technology, homeowners can fetch the elevator, enter, and move to the correct floor, all without a touch nor having to scan resident cards.

Smart Pass allows a touchless experience when riding elevators.
Thanks to the application of smart lighting system, homeowners can flexibly turn on / off the light with just a touch on the application without having to move.

At B1 & B2 basement, electric vehicle charging stations are also installed to satisfy the needs of homeowners as well as promote sustainable lifestyle. Vehicle battery will be charged to 80% with fast charging in 1 hour 20 minutes or standard charging mode in 10 hours.

While smoke collection and ventilation systems are one of the factors that are less cared for by most investors, at Thu Thiem Zeit River these systems are fully equipped in basements and corridor areas to minimize emission from vehicles, dust particles in the air, and prevent unfortunate fire incidents.

Another highlight of Thu Thiem Zeit is the emergency relief button scattered across public space, amenity areas, and corridors to help homeowners connect to the management service center when assistance is needed.

Wide range series of modern technologies in each apartment and the overall premises have imbued Thu Thiem Zeit River with the status of “iconic living space” when fully converging core elements such as: location, contemporary architecture, smart and classy amenity systems.