26 Th8 2023

Thu Thiem Zeit River deserves to be iconic architecture when subtly integrating modern urban features into the natural landscape. With 2 residential towers of 25 floors and 32 floors, a variety of apartment types ranging from 1-4 bedroom to duplex and penthouse, this Thu Thiem luxury real estate is the ideal choice for investors as well as multi-generational families.

The breath of nature amidst contemporary living space

Having stable finances and an active lifestyle, Vietnamese are paying more attention by the day when choosing a residence suitable for the shifting trend to sustainability in the coming future. Leading a modern life yet still sustainable is becoming the new standard in recent years. Real estate developers, those are quick to catch on to the fast changes of the twenty-first century, understand that projects with living spaces in harmony with nature as well as focusing on mental health values will leave quite an impression in the eyes of customers and investors.

Living space in harmony with nature is the ideal home for modern residents.

As the famous saying goes “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, it is like a pervasive thread that you trace back to every so often. The simplicity in architectural design aligned with the natural environment would surely bring out sophisticated beauty and originality of an ideal living space, where each new day starts and ends in the bustling city. A residence to live life to the fullest while still enjoying the peaceful flow of time remains sought-after even for the centi-millionaire community (those owning $ 100 million or more).

According to real estate developer VGSE, having a living space in harmony with the nature is a rising trend in Asia in general and Vietnam in particular. Thanks to having caught on to the green living trend quite early on, VGSE has quickly responded to the Vietnamese upper-class’ demand of a close-to-nature home with the Thu Thiem Zeit River luxury apartment project, which located right in the heart of the “green peninsula” Thu Thiem, Ho Chi Minh City.

The nature piece to complete the city life puzzle

No longer following along the path of “house seeking”, the luxury real estate segment (projects with primary prices ranging from 4,000-12,000 USD/m2 – according to CBRE) tends to go the opposite direction when the story of “finding a worthy owner” becomes more relevant.

From above, Thu Thiem Zeit River is like a “green oasis” in the heart of the city

Thu Thiem Zeit River luxury apartment leaves a strong impression in the eyes of those who are persueing sustainable living thanks to its all-around unique advantages.

Aiming towards sustainability, the project determines that the quality of life of residents is most important and is the foundation for the harmonious fusion of lushy greenery and top-notch quality modern amenities system. One of the highlights of Thu Thiem Zeit River is the duplex and penthouse units, which are carefully designed by Australia’s leading architectural design consultancy – PTW Architects with contemporary living space, sun-drenched balconies facing the Saigon River to erase the separation between the indoors and the outdoors.

Every apartment at Thu Thiem Zeit is inspired by sustainable living.

In order to give residents the experience of living in nature, VGSE has subtly integrated green vegetation in open space community areas such as swimming pools and reading gardens. The walkways connecting functional areas also become a unique highlight with plants and bushes on both sides. Spacious balconies with water-facing views of swimming pools and the Saigon River not only open up the apartments to welcome natural light but also allow fresh air to circulate thoughout the day.

The rooftops of the 2 towers are also covered with greenery that acts as natural insulation. At the same time, community areas are also dabbled with natural green hues. Overall, it is not far fetched to call Thu Thiem Zeit River to a “green oasis” in the heart of the bustling city.

Another special feature that must be mentioned is the innovative contemporary architectural design inspired by flower petals with eccentric curves resonate with Asian architecture. Floor-to-ceiling windows in each apartment open up unlimited views in all 3 directions, helping to optimize the living space.

Each apartment creates a unique artistic signature for homeowners.

The height and distance between the towers are carefully considered by experienced architects based on the characteristics of Thu Thiem, the location of the project relative to east and west, and its exposure to light to maximize the usage of natural light and keep the air flowing inside the apartments.

Putting aside the busy life, residents of Thu Thiem Zeit River will have their own moments of peace and relaxation the moment they return home. Thu Thiem Zeit River is a self-rewarding gift that enriches the life of residents with a classy green living experience and creates a harmony that is not easy to find between modern life and nature.