01 Dec 2022

Thu Thiem Zeit River has proven its irresistible attractiveness on the market with 95% units sold on launch day November 27, 2022.

The attractiveness of Thu Thiem Zeit River project on the first day of sale.

Thu Thiem Zeit River meets the demand for high-end living space

In the context of scarcity of land fund and decline of new supply, “golden land” in promising areas near Ho Chi Minh City center, such as Thu Thiem, are rapidly growing in value. Located in the center of the “golden land” Thu Thiem, Thu Thiem Zeit River is considered a “rising star” among Vietnam real estate market in recent times.

The project also marks the entry into the luxury segment in Eastern Saigon of South Korea’s GS E&C, through its member company Vietnam GS Enterprise (VGSE). Bringing Korean’s most preferred luxury apartment brand “Zeit” to Vietnam, VGSE intends to satisfy the high demand of high-end and luxury residences with Thu Thiem Zeit River.

Hence, many investors had soon put this promising project on their watchlist even before it was launched to closely keep up with all information regarding legal standing, construction progress, architectural design, number of units, ect.

The billion-dollar GS E&C officially takes on Thu Thiem’s real estates.

Accordingly, launch event of Thu Thiem Zeit River took place on the morning of November 27, 2022 at Gem Center, which intriqued hundreds of customers as well as major real estate brokerages such as CBRE, Thu Thiem Real, ERA, Khai Hoan Land, The SmartLand, The One Land, and An Phong Land.

The event attracted the attention of hundreds of investors and homebuyers.

Within the framework of the event, the first of total 300 units at Thu Thiem Zeit River were opened for sale, including 1 – 4 bedroom apartments, duplexes, penthouses, shophouses… The high-end residences recorded impressive success with more than 95% of the units of the first opening were sold within just a couple of hours.

Mr. Cho Sung Yol, General Director of VGSE, speaking at the event.

Great potential due to outstanding advantages

The breakthrough results on launch day are an indisputable proof of the strong attraction of real estate property in the future Thu Thiem financial center, and the promising potential to increase in value of Thu Thiem Zeit River.

According to the third quarter market report of the Vietnam Association of Realtors (VARS), the supply of new apartment projects decreased by 63.8% compared to the second quarter, and it is forecasted that the supply of high-end segment would continue to be scarce. The market will enter a phase of rebalancing while buyers will have to carefully select projects based on the potential, transparency and reputation of the investor. The market would enter a phase of “rebalancing” causing customers to carefully select properties based on potential for price appreciation, legal transparency and reputation of the developers.

Therefore, the success of Thu Thiem Zeit River luxury apartment upon launching has affirmed the leading position and great potential of the project on the market, as guaranteed by the prestige and experiences of the acclaimed developer that currently ranked 24th in the Top 250 largest construction companies in the world.

VGSE envisions Thu Thiem Zeit River as a “green urban oasis” dedicated to the upper-class in Saigon, a “private sanctuary” for individuals who want to break away from the crowded city. Thu Thiem Zeit River offers the comprehensive luxe living experience through 4 key principles: beautiful architecture, sustainable green living space, full range modern amenities, and environmentally friendly building materials.

The sophisticated simplicity of contemporary architecture offers a refined living experience.

Thu Thiem Zeit River stands out with a series of outstanding advantages from a comprehensive range of luxurious facilities to potential value increase in the coming future. Discerning buyers could also opt for financial aid programmes for up to 24 months supported by BIDV and Vietcombank.

More information on the next sale will be updated accordingly to keep potential customers posted.