20 Nov 2022

Along with the development planning orientation to become the new financial and commercial complex of Ho Chi Minh City, luxury apartment segment in Thu Thiem is the highlight of Vietnam real estate market.

Real estate spotlight in Thu Thiem New Urban Area

On the other side of the Saigon River, Thu Thiem peninsula carries the expectation of becoming the leading financial center in the region. Planned to not only become a new central business district like Pudong in Shanghai, Thu Thiem is also the key factor to transform Ho Chi Minh City into a major financial centre alongside Singapore, Hong Kong, and Seoul. In order to fulfill its expectation, this area has recently undergone many changes in infrastructure development.

Thu Thiem real estate market always maintains its heat

Following the development plan, Thu Thiem has been constructing many key traffic projects; in which, many projects have been completed and put into operation over the past years. For example, Thu Thiem 2 Bridge connecting Thu Thiem and District 1 was opened to traffic last April, making it convenient to between the two areas, and solving the previous limitation in connection with surrounding areas.

For the 2020-2025 period, Thu Thiem has set a goal to continue to develop and finish constructing infrastructure projects approved by Department of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City and the Department of Planning and Investment as follows: Luong Dinh Cua street, North – South roadway, Thu Thiem 4 Bridge which is expected to start construction in 2025, will be linked with the southern area of Ho Chi Minh City, creating the premise for Thu Thiem to become a connecting centre for all areas in the city.

From an investment perspective, it is not difficult to see why Thu Thiem has always maintained its attraction to investors in Vietnam in general and Ho Chi Minh City in particular.

Exclusive experience for the elites only

Located on auspicious land along Saigon River bank, Thu Thiem real estate offer breezes of fresh air and brilliant natural light as well as spectacular views of the city to create a unique living experience. More than a place to live, future homeowners also look for a place where the elite community gather. A harmonious urban area which is considered a “connection spot” will create the opportunity for its residents to to expand their social network, create values of employment, services leading to a surplus for the economy.

One of the decisive factors to create confidence for future owners before deciding to make the first down payment is to find a project developer with credibility and vision to guarantee top quality construction, as well as complete legal status for their home.

Thu Thiem Zeit River will bring exquisite living values to future residents.

Situated at a prime location in the new financial center in the future, Thu Thiem Zeit River is one of the new projects that can meet the above screening criteria and is now open for sale. This luxury apartment is developed by Vietnam GS Enterprise (VGSE), a subsidiary of Korean GS E&C – the 24th largest construction companies in the world and ranked No. 1 of the high-end apartment projects.

With expertly curated interiors, every home at Thu Thiem Zeit River is enhanced with greenery and cutting edge amenities for exceptional living experiences and entertainment.

With the development potential from the intrinsic value of the “golden land” like Thu Thiem, the real estate here in general and the Thu Thiem Zeit River in particular is the ideal choice for homebuyers and experienced investors thanks to the potential for sustainable price raises in the long run.