04 Jan 2023

Continuing the successful streak of Zeit River County 1 in the 349-hectare Zeitgeist Nha Be and Xi Riverview Palace, Vietnam GS Enterprise (VGSE) expects to stir up Ho Chi Minh City’s real estate market with the high-end residences Thu Thiem Zeit River.

Prestigious developer from Korea with strategic land fund

The real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City is getting more and more exciting with a wide variety of projects of different segments. Along with that, the presence of the Thu Thiem Zeit River high-end project developed by VGSE – a member company of GS E&C, has capture the attention of the upper-class and investors in the luxury realty segment.

Thu Thiem Zeit River stirs up Thu Thiem real estate market.

Since its establishment in 1969, GS E&C has accumulated more than 5 decades of establishment and constantly innovated, rising to the leading position of the world. GS E&C has 28 Branches and Representative offices in 27 countries, and has achieved remarkable growth in Plants, Power, Environment, Architecture, Infrastructure and Real Estate, and so on…

Regarding real estate, GS E&C is the leading apartment developer in Korea with the brand Zeit (Xi) as the most preferred apartment brand in South Korea, providing an average of 20,000 apartments per year.

Zeit – South Korean’s most popular apartment brand.

GS E&C has entered Vietnamese real estate market as an international real estate developer with strong financial resources, which can be clearly seen through the impressive land fund of hundreds of hectares in strategic locations. Beside the 100 hectares in Long Binh ward and 3 residential plots plus 1 grade A commercial plot in Thu Thiem, Thu Duc City, GS E&C also presents at the South of Ho Chi Minh City with the Zeitgeist Nha Be megacity with a scale of nearly 349 hectares that is currently handing over the first 359 villas, shophouses, and townhouses.

Determined to set out on the mission of development on a global scale and promoting sustainability, GS E&C always seeks out creative innovations to ensure quality of all products are always up to the highest standards. Not to mention the excellent performance in key businesses throughout its courses, GS E&C has always maintained its leading position with 10 consecutive years being one of the companies with the highest Dow Jones sustainability index in the Asia-Pacific region.

Inheriting heritage and extensive experience from the parent company, VGSI and VGSE – two subsidiaries of GS E&C in the field of real estate development in Vietnam, continue to bring modern technological innovation and luxury experiences to customers in Vietnam. All of this is evidenced by the warm reception of previous projects Xi Riverview Palace, Zeitgeist Nha Be and now Thu Thiem Zeit River.

Gaining trust of each resident one by one

Ms. N.M.Tuyen, aged 42, shared her experience of settling down at Xi Riverview Palace in the early months of 2012. Determining the purpose of buying a residence for her family, Ms. Tuyen and her husband had strict requirements in choosing a suitable home for each member of the family of 4 people. “At that time, Thao Dien did not lack high-class apartments but I quite liked the sophistication in Xi Riverview’s design. Each floor has only 4 units so privacy is guaranteed, the apartment itself also has good sound insulation and air ventilation as well as incredible views of the city. The Home Network system equipped was the most advanced among other housing developers”, Ms. Tuyen shared.

Similarly, Zeitgeist Nha Be urban project is likened to the second “Phu My Hung” in South Saigon with an area of 349 hectares with comprehensive and classy facilities such as international hospitals, international schools, commercial buildings along with and luxury villas, detached and semi-detached townhouses, and shophouses…

According to Mr. Tran.H.Long, a consultant of a famous real estate brokerage in Ho Chi Minh City, “The current selling price of this project is in the range of 19 – 45 billion/unit, a significant growth in value compared to when it was first open for sale in 2020 with only 10 – 35 billion/unit. Zeitgeist’s biggest attraction lies in its sales policies, and the developer’s potential in both financial and professional terms, which is reflected in the quality of construction and the right segment planning.”

Inheriting the spirit of “Zeit” luxury apartment brand and the prestige of the developer, Thu Thiem Zeit River is highly appreciated by real estate experts, promises to continue to keep up with the streak of success for VGSE and GS E&C in Vietnam. The launch and sale event took place on November 27, 2022, and construction progress always on scheduled also show the potential of this Thu Thiem residential project as well as the transparency in legal standing, and strong foundation of the developer.