25 Nov 2022

Aiming to promote sustainable lifestyles with a series of outstanding advantages, Thu Thiem Zeit River is expected to become a lever to influence the consumption of luxury segment by the end of 2022.

Explaining the attraction of “green” real estate in Ho Chi Minh City

In accordance with the policies and development planning of the government, it can be seen that Thu Thiem urban area is favored with long-term development orientations to become the new financial centre of both Ho Chi Minh City and the Southern key economic region. Many real estate developers and investors have soon catch on to the market shift, many large-scale projects sprang up quickly, however, the supply of new real estate still has not meet the demand for a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Experts even commented that eco-friendly residential projects were extremely scarce at one point.

Thu Thiem is a bright spot on the real estate map of Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam GS Enterprise (VGSE) – the investor of a series of prominent real estate projects in Ho Chi Minh City and Thu Duc, says that the land fund for housing development in big cities is increasingly limited. However, the plots of land dubbed as “golden land” are very difficult to own, requiring high credibility and strong foundation of resources from prestige developers. Therefore, dedicating any percentage of area of such golden land for greenery to develop real estate in the direction of sustainable living needs to be carefully considered, and also the confidence and boldness of developers that have a clear vision of market insights.

According to the Wealth Report 2021 published by real estate consultant Knight Frank, in the period of 2020 – 2025, the growth rate of Vietnam’s ultra-high net worth individuals would increase by 31%. With that, the demand for high-end sustainable living space would also expect to grow as well.

When finance was no longer an issue, the top of socioeconomic class would set out across golden lands for residences that offer a living space co-existing with nature right in the centre of the financial capital.

Investors and homebuyers await Thu Thiem Zeit River at zero hour

According to information from the developer VGSE and official brokerages, Thu Thiem Zeit River has a limit of 300 units, ranging from Luxury Apartments with 1-4 bedrooms, Duplexes, and Penthouses. Although it has yet been officially up for sale, luxury real estate collectors and investors have quickly “scouted” all information about the rising high-end residences in Thu Thiem peninsula.

A comfortable contemporary apartment is a peaceful home for residents.

The first phase of sale is expected to be very rousing since it is an important stepping stone for partially satisfying the shortage for green real estate with many outstanding values in the Ho Chi Minh metropolitan area.

The unique position of Thu Thiem Peninsula Urban Area has enchanting magic power is beyond dispute. Located in the heart of Thu Thiem, overlooking the lavish city and the romantic Saigon River, Thu Thiem Zeit River possesses a favorable position that no other apartment project can match.

The architecture adopts a unique Asian style, depicting the flowing, curvilinear of flower petals to welcome refreshing natural air into every living space. Panoramic views facing three directions let residents relax and take in the scenery of the expansive surrounding and roads stretching from the city. Thu Thiem Zeit River is drawn up by a team of experienced architects from PTW Architects to provide residents with a living space with first-class amenities, and to ensure the perfect experiences of living in the bustling city yet still immersed in nature.

Sophisticated architecture brings nature into each apartment.

Not only does the project excel in architecture and location but also creates a strong impression thanks to the variety of amenities arranged in a convenient way so that all residents would have the optimal access. Continuing the spirit of Zeit in creating the hallmark of quintessence, Thu Thiem Zeit River meets all the strict criterias of the elite owners. Just walk down the street, residents could easily browse the world of entertainments, experiences and 5-star services on a whim. The diverse internal amenity systems cover from low-rise podium with resort-like swimming pool, Jaccuzi, outdoor cafes, children’s play areas, BBQ area … to high-rise floors with relax and co-working space, sky swimming pool, city-facing gym, outdoor garden, sky lounge, etc.

As part of the elite resident community, homeowners would experience cutting edge management and operating system with Smart Home technologies to lead a classy life: on-site License Plate Recognition Parking with ratio up to 1.5 car/apartment (470 slots/300 apartments), Smoke Control Systems in basements and corridors, Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems, Emergency Response Systems, Motion Sensor Alarm in every unit, Smart Lighting Systems, etc.

Smart Home technologies elevates the standards of living.

Leading the real estate market with a variety of outstanding advantages from experiential utilities, high-class green living space, satisfying such tastes, plus transparent legal ownership and flexible payment support policies from BIDV & Vietcombank, Thu Thiem Zeit River affirms its strong financial as well as legal potential and the basis for potential. price increase in the near future.

Thu Thiem Zeit River has established itself as the real eastate market leader with a number of outstanding advantages from exquisite green living spaces, advanced internal amenity systems to top-of-the-line Smart Home technologies. In addition, guaranteed construction progress, transparent legality, and mortgage assistance policies of BIDV and Vietcombank are a strong demonstrating the project’s potential price increase in the near future.