17 Jan 2023

In the heart of the bustling city, the exquisite Thu Thiem Zeit River stands out thanks to its fusion of contemporary quintessence with nature, and the ability to spark limitless creativity.

“New formula” to affirm the elite’s class

As the financial capital of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City has always been proudly standing side by side with the largest economies in the region and the world. It is inevitable that the city attracts outstanding talents, famous and influential figures,… They are the people who have a clear vision for their success, have their own standards and measures for everything. This socioeconomic class manifests themselves in all aspects, from their worldview to the way they enjoy the taste of life. These elite individuals, though different in their backgrounds, have connected together to form a transcendent community. And through living space, they show their uniqueness and exclusive lifestyle.

Coinciding with Ho Chi Minh City’s accelerating growth, Thu Thiem is having many changes in urban planning and landscaping to become a dynamic financial complex in the coming years. Thu Thiem’s ambition is to be the catalyst to bring Vietnam further into the future. There is no doubt that this promising peninsula will be the place that ambitious, visionary people call home.

Riverfront apartment is considered as the ideal home for the elite.

In Thu Thiem new urban area, the two seemingly opposite extremes come together to create a one-of-a-kind equilibrium, bustle and tranquility in harmony creating a promising and sustainable prosperous life. This area quickly becomes the “new formula” for the elite community to pursue their dreams of putting a peaceful twist to their hasty pace of busy life. A new day begins with the sun shining through the windows and ends with shimmering light over the Saigon skyline is what realty in Thu Thiem offer.

Thu Thiem Zeit River – Where the quintessence converges

Right in the middle of the populous city, Thu Thiem Zeit River hides among layers of green vegetation, where the atmosphere is full of fresh air and vitality. The project is located at the intersection of two arterial roads of Thu Thiem peninsula; thus, its residents could conveniently commute to work and connect with nearby areas. Not only that, being only a few steps away from the Saigon River, each homeowners get to admire a unique brilliant painting every day when sun light bounces off the river and the outstanding skyline featuring iconic attractions like Landmark 81, Bitexco Tower, the vibrant downtown, and Arc Avenue…

From Thu Thiem Zeit River, homeowners could zoom in on the panoramic view of the city.

Likened to an “Urban Oasis”, Thu Thiem Zeit River owns luxuriant gardens and contemporary open design to take in natural light and fresh air as well as offer a spectacular view with three facades towards Ho Chi Minh City and Thu Thiem NUA – something that very few residential projects could do. Contemporary Asian architecture at Thu Thiem Zeit emphasizes living experiences, elevates the sophisticated modern space and optimizes the view of the city and the internal landscape.

The podium is equipped a wide range of amenities assessed to meet the needs of residents of all ages. These services are accessible to residents of both towers to maximize enjoyment and convenience, minimize travel as well as to promote social interactions. The installed smart amenity system spans from indoor to outdoor, ensuring a comfortable life all year round, independent on the weather. The project also applies an operation management system with cutting-edge technology to bring absolute safety to homeowners.

Living space with lush greenery would replenish energy for homeowners.

With the golden standard of the luxury apartment brand “Zeit” – the most popular apartment brand in the land of Kim Chi created by the 24th largest construction companies in the world, Thu Thiem Zeit River brings privileges for residents to comfortably enjoy life, freely experience all high-class services from health care, entertainment, to relaxation, … and community spaces are also finished with high-quality yet sustainable materials.

With a prime location in the heart of Thu Thiem and complete amenity system, it is evident that Thu Thiem Zeit River is where the quintessence converged exclusively for Saigon’s elite.