18 Jan 2023

Following the success of 2 Zeit River County 1 projects in Zeitgeist Nha Be new urban area and casp Xi Riverview Palace apartment in Thao Dien area, Vietnam GS Enterprise (VGSE) is expected to follow in the footsteps of parent company GS E&C to Thu Thiem Zeit River luxury real estate project a success.

Thu Thiem Zeit River officially unveiled on November 27, 2022.

Golden land fund in Saigon and South Korea’s top tier construction company

The real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City is increasingly vibrant with properties of many different segments. The launch of Thu Thiem Zeit River project developed and invested by VGSE – subsidiary of GS E&C, has quickly catch the attention of the upper-class and discerned investors.

GS E&C is among the top giants in the world in many sectors. Founded in 1969, this multi-industry corporation has affirmed its position on a global scale, owning 30 subsidiaries and branches across 23 countries, developing over 200 large-scale projects in many industries and fields such as: renewable energy, manufacturing plants, environment, civil works, architecture,…

In the field of real estate, GS E&C is also the leading apartment developer in South Korea, providing an average of 20,000 apartments under its signature apartment brand Zeit (Xi) every year.

The real estate market in the land of kimchi inherently follows international standards and extremely strict requirements of the Korean for an ideal residence to live, yet Zeit has proven its outstanding position when voted as the “Most Preferred Apartment Brand” in this fastidious market.

Zeit – Korean’s Most Preferred Apartment Brand

In recent years, GS E&C has been expanding its presence in the Vietnamese construction market in recent years while displaying its strong financial foundation with land fund of up to hundreds of hectares in strategic locations, which is considered as “golden land”.

Besides Ho Chi Minh City’s eastern gateway with a fund of more than 100 hectares in Long Binh ward, Thu Duc city, 3 residential housing plots and 1 grade A commercial office building plots in Thu Thiem new urban area, GS E&C is also present in the South with Zeitgeist Nha Be – a 349 hectare mega urban currently handing over the first units including 359 villas, shophouses and townhouses.

Focusing on pursuing sustainable development and globalization, GS E&C always secures rich resources, pioneers innovative technologies along with clear strategies for new projects, and sustains excellent performance in the main businesses. GS E&C has always maintained its position the top companies with the highest sustainable development index in the Asia-Pacific region for a 10 years streak.

Inheriting the potential and extensive experience from the parent company, VGSI and VGSE continue to bring an all-inclusive living spaces with outstanding values and a contemporary lifestyle of international standards for the Vietnamese.

The Korean developer intends to solidify its presence and enhance competitiveness in the Vietnamese market, which is evidenced by the success of previous projects Xi Riverview Palace, Zeitgeist Nha Be, and the newest high-end project Thu Thiem Zeit River.

From the satisfaction of residents to brand credibility and prestige

Ms. N.M.Tuyen is one of the first residents of Xi Riverview Palace since the early days of 2012. Ms. Tuyen said that it took the couple a long time to find the ideal place for their family of 4, that needs to provide complete safety and a nurturing environment for young children, as well as grant the whole family easy accessibility.

The real estate market in 2010 – 2011 was facing prevailing slump due to the impact of many factors. However, the developer still completed the project on schedule as committed to customers. I am satisfied with the quality of the apartment, internal amenities as well as the ease of commuting to the city center“. The project also shows a strong attraction in the real estate market with high returns when the current selling price reaches nearly 150 million VND/m2.

Similarly, the Zeitgeist Nha Be mega urban is likened by the community to the second “Phu My Hung” in South Saigon with a scale of nearly 349 hectares inclusive a series of public facility such as international hospitals, international schools, financial quarters associated with luxury villas, detached and semi-detached townhouses, shophouses …

Thu Thiem Zeit River hứa hẹn tiếp nối thành công của những dự án “tiền nhiệm”

According to Mr. Tran.H.Long – a consultant of a famous real estate brokerage in Ho Chi Minh City, “The recent selling price of Zeitgeist Nha Be property is in the range of 19 – 45 billion VND/unit, while back in 2020, the primary price was only around 10 – 35 billion VND/unit.

Zeitgeist’s attractiveness lies in its sales policies, and the developer’s potential in both financial and professional terms, which is reflected in the quality of construction and the right segment planning” Mr. Long added.

VGSE continues its success with Thu Thiem Zeit River

Endorsing the spirit of Zeit luxury apartment brand and the prestige of the developer, Thu Thiem Zeit River holds a high standing among experts thanks to lush green living space, exquisitely contemporary architecture for the elite community resides in the new urban area east of Saigon.

The successful launch event on November 27 and steady construction progress partly display the promising potential of the up-and-coming project. At the same time, transparent legal status and strong foundation of VGSE are also factors that convince customers who are choosing a residence and wise investors.