29 Nov 2022

Thu Thiem Zeit River – a place where unique living values interweave with nature, affirming its leading position in the heart of the prosperous Saigon.

The residences meant for the upper-class

The flourishing prosperity of Saigon attracts business owners, successful intellectuals, outstanding talents, and influential individuals to come settle and call it their home…

They are the people who have a revolutionary vision, their own standard for everything in life. That superiority manifests itself in all aspects, from their perception to the way they celebrate life. Although these elite individuals possess their own “ego”, they have connected with each other to form a community pioneering in leading all the new trends. And living space is the catalyst of their “ego”, a uniquely artistic lifestyle of each individual in this upper-class community.

The eastern of Saigon, Thu Thiem is having significant changes thanks to urban planning and cityscapes. This area is oriented to become an active financial complex, counterbalancing the existing CBD on the other side of Saigon River. Therefore, Thu Thiem new urban area is attracting more and more successful individuals moving their businesses here and settling down.

River-front residence – A peaceful place amid of fast-paced world.

Setting aside the hustle and bustle of life, the moment of returning to your very own peaceful sanctuary after a long busy day is what everyone long for. Yet only a few people could find themselves the ideal home where all life pressure dissipates once entered.

Thu Thiem Zeit River meets even the strictest living standard

Being situated in a prime location is the first prominent attribute of Thu Thiem Zeit River luxury apartments. The residences stand at the focal point connecting 2 arterial roads with the entire area of Thu Thiem Peninsula and the center of Ho Chi Minh City right across the Saigon River.

Thanks to its unique location, residents of this Thu Thiem luxury realty could take in the exceptional scenery of the romantic Saigon River and Thu Thiem central lake. Zooming out into the distance are architectural highlights of the lively city such as Landmark 81, the vibrant downtown area or the Arc Avenue,…

Relaxing moments of gazing upon the picturesque city skyline.

The developer of Thu Thiem Zeit – VGSE devotes to creating an eccentric “residence” in the heart of the future financial complex, so that homeowners could enjoy natural greenery and fresh air right at home. As a subsidiary of world’s 24th largest construction company GS E&C, VGSE is determined to carry on the finest values that created the popular apartment brand in Korea “Zeit” to bring elevated standard of living closer to Vietnamese.

More than just an apartment like any others in the area, Thu Thiem Zeit River is a “green oasis” when it is carefully designed to bring nature closer into the living space while avoiding discrupting Thu Thiem landscape. Each apartment unit at Thu Thiem Zeit River is a personal peaceful oasis that opens up to the breathtaking view of the city that extends in all direction. These residences are filled with natural light throughout the day, and welcome in light breezes coming from the water surface of Saigon River and Thu Thiem central lake.

This eccentric design not only maximizes the contemporary living space in the most sophisticated way, but also optimizes the view of the city and internal landscape of the premise.

Thu Thiem Zeit River also pays great attention to residents’ wellbeing by offering top-of-the-line amenities ranging from healthcare facilities like sky swimming pool, gym center, to entertainment such as children playground, outdoor BBQ and lounge,… with high quality and sustainable materials.

Regenerate and balance both physical and mental health with high-class amenity system.

Additionally, shopping center on the podium’s ground floor provides a variety of services to meet all the needs in the nearest distance. At but not least, smart home management systems implemented throughout the project would ensure maximum comfort and absolute security for homeowners and their family members.

Living at Thu Thiem Zeit, residents would enjoy every moment to the fullest with both outdoor and indoor activities available year-round.