JULY 2024

As of July 2024, the Thu Thiem Zeit River project has entered the final stages of completion, preparing for handover to future owners. Tower T1:• Exterior Work: The exterior finishing work has been completed, with 100% progress in exterior painting. • Interior Work: The interior finishing of the apartments has reached 100% completion, covering wall cladding, ceilings, installation of main doors, balconies, electrical and hot-cold water systems, and handover-ready fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens. • Basic Furnishing: Installation of essential apartment furnishings, such as cabinets, kitchens, air conditioners, wardrobes, and mini-storage, has been finalized to prepare for the planned handover to customers. • Final Checks: Tower T1 will proceed with cleaning and defect inspections to ensure on-schedule handover to customers. Tower T2:• Exterior Work: The entire tower exterior painting has been completed, with walls and ceilings in the apartment balconies also reaching 100% completion. • Interior Work: Inside the apartments, 100% of the lighting systems, smart sensors, air conditioning, water heaters, flooring, and glass doors have been installed. • Basic Furnishing: All interior furnishing work in the living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms (including shelving, cabinetry, and wall cladding) has been completed. • Final Checks: Tower T2 will proceed with cleaning and defect inspections according to the schedule. Lobby and Amenities: • The lobby area and various landscape amenities, including the garden, swimming pool, gym, and lounge, are entering the final stages of interior decoration and furnishing.