High-class utilities arranged harmoniously throughout the internal area is the privilege of experiencing “feel like home, experience as a resort” for elite owners at Thu Thiem Zeit River.


All the hustle and bustle are leaving behind the door to make way for convenience. Owners can touch an integrated technology by themselves to enhance the experience of a smart-living standard.

Smart Motion Sensor

The sensor system is in the living room area of each apartment. This system can help to detect motion and send notifications and images via app or SMS when the owner is absent.

Smart Control Lighting

The system controls the entire lighting area in the apartment. The resident can control On/Off via the app without moving.

Smart Elevator

The Zeit smart-elevator system exclusively used the loT technology. This technology will be online 24/7 and connected to the control centre. Besides that, it will be integrated with the Smart Pass application to automatically open the door and move to the floor location of the apartment.

Car Parking Ventilation System

Smart Parking Control

Emergency Call


Located at the "heart" of the new urban area, just about 5 minutes to go to District 1 via Thu Thiem bridge, Thu Thiem Zeir River inherits the ecosystem of modern external utilities: the administrative - economic - cultural centre, international schools, international hospitals, commercial centres and entertainment services, etc.